Fitting delay in posts…

Considering the subject matter of my first post, the 12 day delay seems quite appropriate, no?

I have been fairly productive. Work is going very well, the High Yield markets are soaring as investors are hungry for alpha, CFA study work is going well, and I’m watching the ALCS. Sadly my Yankees aren’t doing terribly well at the moment, but hopefully they will rally by the end of the game.

In the spirit of my first post, I’ve been trying to raise the bar in a few different areas of my life. Really have focused on my studying, and I have picked up an old interest of mine: music production. I’m working on a few different songs and projects right now, but I feel like that is a pretty accessible topic for most. I would get more into finance, however the majority of the internet probably cares little about High Yield markets.

More soon.


About bridgeloan
Sports, finance, and great coffee. Only things I really like, and the only things I know anything about.

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