I have a problem.

Confession, supposedly, is the first step towards recovery. But this isn’t as simple as some lost soul trying to quit smoking, or some overweight person trying to put down a fork. My struggle is unique as my upbringing and lifestyle. I am, for lack of a better word, lazy.

Lazy certainly sounds easy enough to stop. Simply hire a drill Sargent or life coach to follow you around and yell at the appropriate moment. Sadly, in tandem with my incredible sloth, is my incredibly strong will and ability to learn. At every point in my life, when required, I have been able to excel brilliantly in short periods of time. A sprinter in both mind and body (kind of).

I once described it to a friend as being a Lamborghini with a one gallon gas tank. Fun in theory, pleasant for a short while, but woefully ill-equipped to do errands on a daily basis.

Starting a Blog to write in short, witty prose about how delightfully befuddled I am isn’t a terribly good use of my time. In fact, I am fully aware of how this could end up being yet another delightful distraction. I hope it can be a tool for good rather then one of distraction.

I highly doubt much of what I will say here will be enjoyable to very many, but you are free to watch this ostrich try to fly.


About bridgeloan
Sports, finance, and great coffee. Only things I really like, and the only things I know anything about.

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